Ragun Cajun


This beautiful custom guitar was ordered by Scott down in Louisiana and really has become a pivotal guitar in the scope of my shop and my offerings. This guitar represents a new breed of guitars that will be handcrafted in my shop utilizing only premium components and the finest of figured woods for the serious enthusiast and player. This particular guitar is equipped with TV Jones P90 mount T’Armonds,  A collector’s object of lust, this sexy orange Thinline has a 1 piece swamp ash body with a bookmatched flame maple top and a complimenting flame maple neck create to your specs. The LP type controls allow this Thinline to growl and be delicate when you want it to. Contact me for more details about these high end custom guitars…known simply as Denimaxe

Stevie Ray Tribute


Well I was contacted by Paul P. to commission a custom build for his son PLP to commemorate a graduation. He said he wanted to surprise him and the instrument had to fulfill a few requirements:

1) It had to be a sunburst Strat like SRV

2) He wanted the SRV decals but wanted it to reflect his son’s initials PLP

Neither request was difficult. I had a special piece of swamp ash with a beautiful grain pattern that seemed fitting for this young man’s triumphal instrument.

Side note: Purists don’t hate on me, I know SRV’s Strat was Alder, I just used some creative liberties and selected a beautiful ash body for this project.

Outfitted with some Fender Texas Specials, this guitar kills some blues tones! And speaking of blues, young PLP is a bluester himself. Keep him on your radar…especially in the Brooklyn NY area ;-)

Jared’s Aqua Thinline Hybrid


Repeat customer and good friend Jared S. from Church of the Highlands ordered up a Thinline with a twist. He wanted to get a wide array of tones from a Tele as well as some Gretsch-like timbres. The solution was to create a semi hollow Tele with filtertrons to execute what he heard in his head and add a Bigsby to help evoke some etherial tones often heard in the contemporary worship genre. The guitar is nothing short of beautiful and with an oiled neck, not only sounds good but feels good too. Order yours today!

The 57′ Hardtail Strat


The 57′ Hardtail Strat is a lightweight tonebeast. Featuring an Alder body, Fender FAT 50s pickups and a rock solid Gotoh bridge. The piano like tones sustain and ring out like a true vintage Strat. Weighing in at just 7.0 lbs it is easy on the back. Available without any relicing as well. If you love Strats, and want something out of the ordinary, contact me.

Nashville Tommy’s Telemaster


Tommy K contacted me to discuss his needs/wants for a new guitar to couple with his new studio gig in Nashville. The result is this Telemaster styled guitar with JM bridge and trem. The variety of tones accessible with the Lollar Special T pickups is amazing. Roll back the tone on the neck pickup for soft jazzy tones and run it all wide open on the bridge pickup for all out raunch. A beautifully aged Olympic white body is complimented by a tortoise style guard. She plays as good as she looks! I have made many “one off” guitars for customers looking for something unique. If you want to stand out and be heard, contact me for a quote.

The New Signature Outlaw


If you are the kind of player that enjoys the basics, worn blue jeans, broken in sneakers and your favorite hat, then you will love the Outlaw guitar. An oiled finish on a ruggedly handsome body, single P90 with Russian PIO cap, real vintage license plate pickguard and stoptail bridge. While you can play anything you want on her, I think she oozes Blues Rock tones effortlessly. I can do these with any vintage state license plate you want*

Contact me for details..
*(License plates ubject to availability)

Worship Surf and Turf


Jared Spates from Church of the Highlands contacted me about crafting him a Custom Jazzmaster styled guitar to forge new sonic territories in worship. Don’t let the surfer green finish fool you, this bad boy has some meaty tones, thanks in part to the Lollar Pickups. The Mastery Bridge is not just aesthetically pleasing to look at, it is a modern piece of art crafted with precision, and IMHO an essential piece of hardware for tuning stability of a Jazzmaster styled guitar. The matching painted headstock is eye candy for the danish oiled neck that Jared loves the feel of. When a guitar looks great, that’s one thing, when it feels and sounds great too, then it must be a Danny Hines guitar.

Irish Lefty La Cab


When Shawn the Murph contacted me, he conveyed his displeasure with the options in guitarland from a “lefty” perspective. In comes Danny Hines Guitars to the rescue! This absolutely stunning guitar makes many a right hander jealous. As a matter of fact there has been an outbreak of rabid photos from right handed guitarists worldwide taking photos with their prized jewels in front of bathroom mirrors to replicate the same look… TV Jones Classics really bring out the girth of tone in this beauty. Top routed La Cabs are becoming quite popular in the shop. Feel free to contact about getting yours started today.

UK Custom Autumn Burst


This custom Tele shipped to my mate Gary in the jolly ole’ UK. The beautiful one piece birdseye neck looks stellar with the aged amber clears on this autumn burst alder body and plays like a dream. My custom guitars now come standard loaded with Lollar Pickups. This one is loaded with a Special T in the bridge and a Mini Humbucker in the neck. The tones are absolutely fantastic! When you get done drooling on yourself, feel free to contact me about building one for you ;-)

Hey Old Chap…The Smithton T



Well pleased to meet you, hope you get my name…The Smithton T, the first handmade production guitar from my shop. Named after a gentleman that truly loved music and has been an inspiration to several generations.

The Smithton T has a one piece swamp ash body that features a tummy cut, with a 1 piece flamed maple top. The 1 piece aged maple neck has a compound radius (10″-16″) for unparalleled playability. This model shown has some prototype pickups custom wound for me by Jeff Callaham. The P90 is warm, smooth and buttery and rounds out the tonal arsenal with the 10K bridge pickup. Currently Lollar pickups are standard equipment for the Smithton T and custom builds unless otherwise specified. Prices for custom Smithton T models, begin at $1250.