Heavy Relic Strat Bodies



Like it heavy? If you like it half nitro and half wood I can do it for you. If you are looking for something specific send me some photo references. Swamp ash and Alder Nitro relic’d bodies start at $250.

Sporting a One Piece with a Bigsby

This Tele is oozing tone from the one piece swamp ash body and SD mini humbucker. Finished in clear nitro to expose this Tele’s inner beauty, the look would not be complete without a B5 Bigsby Trem Kit. If you like natural beauty, vintage tone, and Bigsbys then this is the look for you. Contact me today for a looker like this since this one is en route to a guitar brother in Israel. Depending on pickup and neck options, you can get into a sweet ride like this starting at $1450. Holler at me.

Route 66 Tele Relic

When Boris Garcia‘s Bob Stirner sought out to put together a 66 Tele Relic, he contact me to provide a authentic looking Tele body that was full of mojo and vintage vibe. Bob made the right choice, now it’s your turn ;-)

Bodies Across the Pond!

I was commissioned to do the finishing work on a couple of bodies for a customer in Singapore. They wanted a natural looking double bound body ala Albert King and an olympic white Strat body. I sprayed them with nitro and aged them per the customer’s specs. If you are looking for a custom body or a custom finish contact me.

The Butcher

Well, I got an exciting email from guitar extraordinaire Jon Butcher wanting to know if I would do some work on one of his guitars. Since I had been a fan of his from the “If Wishes Were Horses” days, I clamored at the opportunity to do some work for Jon. He sent me a “newer” 2 Tone Strat that he wanted meticulously aged to mimic the look and feel of a 57′ Strat. After much work and experimentation fussing with the factory poly finish, I was able to yield some results Jon loved. Be sure to check him out online www.jonbutcher.com and check out his current project Farren Butcher Incorporated (FBI)

Southpaw Esquire

Mark Goodman of Teazer fame and of the Southern Ohio Guitar Show wanted his lefty Esquire to be given the relic treatment by yours truly. Mark is a top notch guitarist and collector and knows what he wants. Therefore the pressure was on. I am proud to report he was quite pleased with finish work. A super cool guitar for a super cool guy.

If you need some finish work done on your guitar, contact me.

Blackened Strat

I was commissioned to finish a hardtail Strat body for a customer. I custom ordered the body from my supplier in California. It started as an Ash body with a swimming pool rout, drilled for a string thru hardtail bridge. It was finished in a black nitro lacquer finish then aged to perfection like a fine wine.

This Lefty Looks Right – Lefty Tele Maintenance and Relic


Local lefty player and guitar enthusiast Mark Goodman, founder of the Southern Ohio Guitar Show, called me to tweak this lefty tele. The neck had the nut replaced, the frets leveled, the fret edges filed, and edges rolled. While I was at it I added a little extra relic treatment to the body, even though it had a good start already :-) This guitar is a real player now!

Feel free to contact me if you need repair work done on your guitar.

Heavy Relic Strat

Ron in Tennessee wanted to get a Strat body that was heavily reliced ala John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame. What you see is a heavy road worn appearance done in an Olympic White Nitro Lacquer and then meticulously aged to look like it has traveled the world over several times and lived to tell about it. And no better way to compliment Ron’s project than to pair this body with an aged and tinted maple neck.

Take it a step further and contact me for a quote on a complete aged Strat or Tele and have the tone monster you’ve always dreamed of.


Shredder Strat Grows Up

IMG_0920 IMG_0926 IMG_0922 IMG_0927


My friend Ryan had a Strat that was in parts. Begging for a refinish. So like a good friend. I helped him out. Ryan acquired this 70s Strat when it had a locking nut and Kahler tremolo on it. He enlisted in the help of his woodworking brother to plug the trem rout and make her a sexy hardtail again. When I got her, the finish had already been stripped. He wanted to keep the natural look but wanted finish cracking, he also wanted me to reapply the 70s OEM decal, which he had gotten previously. The project turned out great and the tone and playability of this strat is superb. Especially with the blended wiring setup and that hot vintage Dimarzio in the bridge 9.5k. Yowzas!!